Inspired by Bernie

Okay I admit the title is click-bait.

But tonight on campus I attended a “Broncos for Bernie” event. It was roughly an hour long and contained mostly updates on their campaign strategy and signups for phone banks and other outreach methods. The reason why I went was out of curiosity, just to hear what my fellow students were thinking, and to try to understand what is fundamentally motivating their very much devoted behavior for the Sanders campaign.

And although I happen to disagree strongly most of the time with Broncos for Bernie, I was genuinely inspired by their motivation and passion. I felt almost as if I was becoming sad because, ever since Rand dropped out of the race, I have no serious contender to be excited about in the same way my classmates are. Sure there’s Gary Johnson, a man I respect and admire, but it will be astonishing if he eclipses 1 percent of the votes this November (assuming he wins the LP nomination, God willing!).

So after tonight I’m motivated to start blogging more. I want to be consistent, on The Dismal Review every day spilling out some solid content.


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