BREAKING: active shooter in Kalamazoo

I go to college at Western Michigan University, in Kalamazoo, MI, where an active shooter has killed six people (as far as we know at this time 1:29 am). The shootings appear to be random.

This shooting hits extremely close to home. I’ve seen all of the reports of past shootings in different cities and states but I’ve never expected to live so close to the scene. The first shooting occurred about 10 minutes away from my apartment.

Expect this to raise concerns about guns, and to once again lead politicians onto television and print publications pleading for gun control.

It truly is very scary seeing news reports of shootings happening at places you drive by every single day, and thinking “that could have been me.” I mourn for all of the victims and those close to the victims.

But I can assure you that nothing would make me feel safer than being huddled up in my room with my roommates with a loaded gun.


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