Dear Comrade Sanders…

On his Facebook page, Lawrence Reed, the President of FEE, shared a phenomenal article. It’s the story of Rob May, a successful entrepreneur who I don’t know too much about. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

But he makes the following lesson crystal clear: It is possible to see problems with the economy–problems resulting from a rigged predatorial instinct–and still oppose the presidency of Bernie Sanders.

I like how Reed summed it up:

All you folks who want an old guy who never built anything and who preaches envy and legal plunder to be our national nanny and give you free stuff, please read this.

All too often the libertarian position is caricaturized as if we’ve been brainwashed to think “WEALTHY MAN GOOD,” “POOR MAN STUPID AND LAZY” (See my book review of Chicagonomics, for example). It’s so frustrating because we’ve been extremely consistent with this issue. Our prerogative is to protect the spirit of production, and to penalize and prevent (as much as possible) the act of predation.

In other words we don’t really care about “where” somebody is relative to others on the ever-evolving income scale. All we care about is “how” that person got there. In Atlas Shrugged, we can compare the rise of Hank Rearden to the rise of Orren Boyle or even James Taggart. All men are relatively well off, and yet Ayn Rand could not have been more clear that Boyle and Taggart are villians. So much for the idea that libertarians are servants to “the rich.”


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