Kudos to the person who wrote these jokes for Marco Rubio.

Rubio kept his audience captive for a couple minutes here with some hilarious jokes aimed at Donald Trump. In fact, the audience was so captivated that Rubio apparently didn’t find it necessary to dispel them of the fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. After all, it should be clear that Barack Obama knows exactly what he’s doing.(?)

Well, at the least I give the Florida senator credit for knowing to stay away from that regurgitated and hackneyed line.

But I am leaving this video up because I strongly suspect that when Marco Rubio drops out of the race and Donald Trump secures the nomination, Rubio will join Chris Christie like the cowardly lap dog and weaselly seeker of power that he is and endorse the golden-haired spewer of lunacy…

Now, for an even more fun video at the expense of The Donald, you must watch this video below!



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