76 Percent Free

Today was payday at one of my jobs. For my own bank account, I was permitted to keep 76 percent of the entire product I produced during the pay period. If I had insisted on keeping 100 percent and nothing less, men with guns would have thrown me into a cage.

It wasn’t greedy oil companies or slave-wage-paying Wal-Mart standing next to me with a gun to my head for dibs on the remaining 24 percent.

It was the Federal Government. It was the State of Michigan. More specifically, it was Political Bandits.

Actually, to be even more specific it was the countless masses of people throughout history who have been able to summon not a single moral objection to the idea of delegating robbery to those who call themselves “Public Servants”, or “Representatives”, or “Senators”, or etc….

I just call them Political Bandits. The very idea of “government” rests on taxation, which means to take money by force whether the producer consents or objects.

Maybe somebody would try to ease my frustration from being robbed and ensure me of every beneficial way these “Public Servants” are planning on spending my money to make me happy. After all, they give us roads!

Thanks, but doing something “nice” or “beneficial” isn’t a just cause to take somebody’s money without asking.

It would be as if I took the time and effort to shovel every inch of snow from your driveway before you left for work in the morning. And by the time you made it home from a long day you noticed that I helped myself to a healthy sum of your money, without your consent.

“By what right,” you snap, alarmed by the fact you’ve been robbed in pure daylight.

If we accept the notion that a Politician has every right to my money—provided he does something “nice” for me in return—well then by a swift extension of logic I must pronounce myself not only innocent, but in this day and age of political idolization I’d have to tap my ego and call myself a bit of a hero. Without me, who would shovel the driveways?!

Every time somebody tells me taxation is necessary for civilization, because it funds the institutions that purportedly secure our rights to property, I reflect (in surprisingly good humor) upon the fact that we’re all supposed to accept such an invalid line of thought, wherein we’re all robbed so that nobody gets robbed.


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