I’m emigrating

The internet has no “borders.” I cannot dictate to others to post the content I produce, but I am free to take that content to wherever I decide. Therefore, I’ve decided to omit the .wordpress. feature of my website, and emigrate to a more legitimate website by the same name: TheDismalReview.com. Check it out. Still similar content but I just really wanted to shed the .wordpress., that’s the only reason for the change.

I would love to feature guest posts, so if you have any content laying around feel free to contact me! Unfortunately I’m not in a position to pay for it, hopefully one day!


Back in the blogosphere

I have been swamped this summer, and blogging has taken a backseat to all the other projects I have going on. But I’m pleased to say that I’ll be able to start blogging more consistently within the next week. I’m looking to revamp the blog, to make the content of higher quality, and even to add a podcast.